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Hyosung Chemical creates tremendous value for our customers


We wish to give you sincere thanks for visiting Hyosung Chemicals.

Hyosung Chemicals is Korea’s primary Integrated Chemicals company which has rewritten the history of innovation through continuous growth and challenges. We have created a global network for production and sales and currently provide world-class competitive products around the world, allowing us to grow into a bonafide international materials company.

We produce a wide range of chemical products such as polypropylene which we provide to prominent pipe manufacturers all over the world, high-purity TPA which is the main ingredient for polyester fabric, various films used in packaging, industries and optics, and industrial specialized gas. Polyketone, which we commercialized for the first time in the world, is built on excellent substance and its competitiveness, thus ensuring it becomes a leader of the world’s component industry.

We aim to further develop ourselves as leading global chemicals company through meticulous system management to perfect existing businesses and ensure stable implementation of new businesses. Hyosung Chemicals aims to grow into a company that is deeply loved and trusted by all of our customers. Thank you.

CEO Lee Kun-jong