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From packaging to industrial and optical, our film contributes to our customers’ value enhancement.



Film PU entered the Nylon film business in 1996 and PET film business in 1997 based on the technology it had gained in the textile industry. Nylon film has excellent impact strength, pinhole property, printability, and oxygen barrier properties, and it is widely used for food packaging and as a packaging material for various household products. Hyosung Chemical’s nylon film is leading the industry in the South Korean nylon film market based on stable quality and is growing into a global leader through expanding our presence in the Chinese market. PET film has excellent strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability, and it is used for electric and electronic materials and various other industrial materials including packaging and optic materials. Based on continuous technological development, Hyosung Chemical is strengthening its growth base by making forays into high value-added film fields, including optical film, release film for process, and film for windows. We are working hard to advance our PET film into becoming the leader of the specialty film market(packaging, industrial, and optical films) and make our NY film become the global leader.

We are working hard to advance our PET film into becoming the leader of the specialty film market(packaging, industrial, and optical films) and make our NY film become the global leader.

Nylon Film


Equipped with both tubular and t-die stretchability facilities, Film PU supplies various types of products. Because nylon film has low oxygen permeability, excellent cold resistance, and excellent pinhole properties, it is used for packaging refrigerated, frozen, retort food, and refill containers. In particular, the RT grade which has excellent heat resistance and the DT grade which has excellent strength for pharmaceutical molding are widely used.


T-die product
  • Excellent thickness quality
  • Various types
  • Coatable
Tublar product
  • Excellent physical properties balance
  • Resistant to curling


For general food, detergents, and retort For general food, detergents, and retort

For general food
This is a general type wrapper used to prevent corruption of contents and achieve long-term storage under refrigerated conditions. It is the most common type of packaging employed to increase storage time and prevent breakage during distribution. The most common type of NY wrappers, most wrappers of this type have NY and LLDPE layers.
For detergents
This is a wrapper mainly used for liquid- and powder-type contents such as laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and shampoo. It is a wrapper for refilling purposes designed to make it possible to use existing containers by refilling them with new contents. Therefore, it must withstand the load of the contents and must not burst in the event of the product falling down.
For retort
This is a food wrapper used for pre-cooked/-processed food that is seal-packaged and then pressure-sterilized at 120℃ for 30 minutes. The demand for this wrapper is rising due to the development of pre- and semi-cooked instant food and the increasing consumption of microwave oven prepared food.

Bi-axial adhesion Bi-axial adhesion

Bi-axial adhesion
This is a functional film that provides excellent lamination and ink adhesion against adherent thanks to the bi-axial adhesion coating treatment it has been given. It is the only product coated for bi-axial adhesion in South Korea and provides a higher level of bi-axial adhesive strength than other products.
Comparison of adhesion strength
The adhesive strength of wrappers for general use is 30% or less while that of wrappers for bi-axial adhesion is 70%. Our wrapper for bi-axial adhesion prevents stripping by enhancing the inter-layer adhesion strength of laminated products. (Core lamination quality is provided.)

For pharmaceutical use For pharmaceutical use

For pharmaceutical use
This is a wrapper for pharmaceuticals which requires high levels of protective blockage, including pills and capsules. It must have properties such as longitudinal/transverse properties balance and isotropy.

PET film


T-die product
  • Excellent thickness quality
  • Various types
  • Coatable
LISIM product
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Heat shrinkage control


For packaging For packaging

For general packaging
Thanks to its excellent ink suitability, mechanical properties, and heat resistance, this product is used in various applications including snacks, retort, and food packaging.
For bi-axial adhesion
Thanks to the chemical coating treatment it has been given, this product is twice as good as general corona in terms of adhesive strength.
For stamping foil and metalizing
This product has excellent mechanical properties, thermal stability, and gloss, and is suitable for general industrial applications that require heat resistance.

For optical purposes For optical purposes

For optical purposes
Film used for display panels, etc.(mainly used for monitors) This is a high functionality product that requires a high level of luminance and a low content of foreign matters for the optimal image display. It requires various chemical coatings because the film needs to have adhesive strength against other materials during the processing of the panel. Because this product is exposed to heat for extended periods of time due to the nature of displays, it also requires heat resistance.

For industrial purposes For industrial purposes

Release film for process
This product is a film that has been given adhesion/separation coating treatment, and it is removed after being used for carrying and protecting the basic materials as required for the process.
For Window
This product is used for film that is applied to cars or building windows for ensuring heat insulation and safety.
For advertising
Thanks to its outstanding printability, transparency and heat resistance, this product is used for indoor/outdoor ads, banner adds, and back lit ads.
For deco lamination(for furniture and home appliances)
This product is applied to high gloss sheets used for household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. It is a high performance product that has excellent UV hard coating adhesion and maintains its characteristics even under high temperature/high humidity conditions.

Business Locations Film PU is headquartered in Banpo, Seoul. NY film is produced at the Daejeon Plant, the Gumi Plant, and in our Chinese locations, and PET film is produced at the Ulsan Yongyeon Plant and the Gumi Plant.

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