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Optical Film

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Optical Film


Optical Film PU independently develops and produces tri-acetyl cellulose(TAC) film which protects the PVA polarizing film inside LCD polarizers, which are fitted into TVs, monitors, laptops, etc. Since establishing a plant for producing TAC film for LCDs in Ulsan, we have been producing TAC film, which is unprecedented in South Korea. In addition, thanks to our TAC plant 2 which was established in Oksan in 2013, we now boast an annual production capacity of 110 million square meters. We are increasing the sales of our products by entering the Chinese market, which is recently emerging as the largest display market in the world. Moreover, in keeping with technological developments in the electronic materials industry, we are also developing new films based on TAC film technology, expanding into various optical film markets.


  • Regulatory requirements for environmentally hazardous substances satisfied EU REACH Halogen FreeRoHS
  • Durability No TAC acid decomposition under high temperature, high humidity conditions Non-generation of crystal mura
  • Smoothness Excellent TAC surface uniformity Excellent surface treatment coating properties

Overview of TAC film for LCDs

Overview of TAC film for LCDs.Back Light Unit is consist of Cover Bottom, Reflector, Light Guide Plate, Optic Sheet.
																				And TAC Film is consist Polarizer, TFT Glass Liquid Crystal, C/F Glass, Polarizer, Protective Film,, PVA Film.
 																				Reference details, TAC is short for Tri-Acetyl Cellulose. PVA is short for Poly-Vinyl Alcohol

TAC film process flowchart

TAC Film process flow - 1.Raw Material 2.Filtering 3.Steel Belt 4.Drying 5.Inspection 6.TAC Film

Plants and equipment

  •  Yongyeon Plant TAC Film Unit 1
    Plants and equipment - Location, Product, Thickness, Full width, CAPA로 구성
    Location Yongyeon Plant TAC Film Unit 1
    Product TAC Film
    Thickness 80㎛, 60㎛, 40㎛
    Full width 1330mm~1500mm
    CAPA 50,000K㎡/year
  • 옥산공장 TAC Film 2호기
    Plants and equipment - Location, Product, Thickness, Full width, CAPA로 구성
    Location Oksan Plant TAC Film Unit 2
    Product TAC Film
    Thickness 60㎛, 40㎛
    Full width 1910mm~2260mm
    CAPA 60,000K㎡/year

Contact Information

Product Manager
Sales Team 1(South Korea) Kim Seong-pyo
Product Manager
Sales Team 2(Overseas) Yoon Tae-jun

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