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PP-B for pipes


Hyosung's HPPB(PP-B) has been developed for sewage and industrial pipes, which require high rigidity and long-term durability.

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  • Characteristics of the PP-B pipe market

    PVC pipes, which have been traditionally used for sewer pipes, are being replaced with PP pipes at policy level in developed countries due to their high environmental loads(leaching of plasticizer materials, generation of dioxins during incineration, difficulty in reusing, and use of lead stabilizers). In addition, PP pipes have higher rigidity than conventional PE pipes and therefore guarantee long-term durability by minimizing deformation and cracks during use.

  • Sale of HPPB

    We started developing a high rigidity, high impact resistance HPPB grade for sewage pipes in 2001, and after a year of overseas field testing and processability improvement in 2002, we started exporting our HPPB in earnest in 2003. Through continuous technology development and production stabilization, we now mainly supply our HPPB to Europe and Oceania, and we are also expanding our HPPB business into the Middle Eastern, South American, African, Chinese, and East and West Asian markets. In addition, the sales of our industrial pipes such as plastic branch pipes are also increasing.


  • Excellent rigidity and good impact resistance
  • Chemical stability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The lightest of all pipe materials Ease of construction
  • Easy production processability
  • Economic


  • Sewage pipes and rainwater pipes
    Sewage pipes and rainwater pipes, which are buried underground, require high rigidity and long-term durability to prevent leakage-induced contamination of surrounding soil. HPPB, an eco-friendly material with excellent chemical resistance and rigidity, is increasingly replacing other materials used in sewage pipes.
  • Industrial pipes
    HPPB is best suited for the various applications of industrial pipes, including plastic branch pipes and marine pipes.