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PP-R for pipes


Since 1998, Hyosung Chemical has been supplying PP random co-polymer(PP-R) for PP-R pipes, the first of its kind in Asia, under the brand name "TOPILENE® R200P” to esteemed manufacturers in South Korea and abroad. In addition, TOPILENE® R200P was designated a world-class product in 2006 and has since been living up to our customers' expectations.

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  • Characteristics of the PP-R pipe market

    Metal, a material traditionally used to produce pipes, has been rapidly replaced with plastic over the past 20 years. The main reasons for this are that the plastic is excellent in terms of price, hygiene, long-term durability, and environmental friendliness. In addition, the improvement of plastic's properties themselves and the enhancement of the pressure resistance and long-term heat resistance of pipes made thanks to advancement of processing techniques are also promoting the use of plastic. In the mean time, the demand for PP-R pipes is rapidly increasing not only in Europe where the first PP-R pipes market emerged but also in the Middle East and China.

  • Sale of R200P

    Since 1998, Hyosung Chemical has been producing and supplying R200P for PP-R pipes, the first of its kind in Asia. With continuous technological innovation and market development, Hyosung Chemical has been achieving remarkable sales growth based on the product’s trusted, superlative quality. In the early days of selling R200P, we tapped into the Middle Eastern and Trkiye markets, and we have since entered not only the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets but also expanded into Europe, home to PP-R pipes, including the German, Czech, and Russian markets.


  • Can be used long-term for more than 50 years
  • Economic
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Superior construction stability
  • Easy production processability
  • Chemical stability

Quality certifications

  • ISO 9080(MRS 12.5, CRS 3.3 Mpa tested by EXOVA)
  • ISO 15874
  • DIN 8077&DIN 8078
  • European Commission Regulation(EU) No 10/2011(2016/1416)
  • NSF/ANSI 14 Complied Material(US Certificate)
  • DVGW W270/KTW Guideline(German Certificate)
  • WRAS BS6920 Approved Material(UK Certificate)
  • GB/T 17219(Chinese Standard Certificate)
  • KS M 3362(Korean Industrial Standards Certificate)


  • Water supply hot water pipes
    Water piping systems, which are installed on the walls or floors of various types of buildings, must be free of leaks or breakage during use of the building. In particular, cold water and hot water pipes, which are used under high temperature, high pressure conditions, must withstand harsh conditions during use and therefore require both pressure resistance and heat resistance. PP-R is considered a material most suitable for indoor water systems in terms of cost as well as of physical properties, and it is used in Europe and around the world.
  • Piping for radiators
    With regard to PP-R pipes, PN20 lasts for 50 years at 60°C and 10 bar, and PN25 lasts for more than 50 years at 70°C and 10 bar. Therefore, PP-R pipes are suitable for low- and high-temperature radiators mainly used for heating in factories and large buildings.
  • Chemical and agricultural piping
    Possessing chemical stability and heat resistance unique to PP, PP-R pipes are most suitable to be used as various chemical pipes and are also used as agricultural water pipes.