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A vital material that will lead the components industry with excellent physical properties and a competitive edge



POKETONE™, the world's first commercialized polyketone, is non-toxic and biocompatible polymers that is FDA and NSF approved. It exhibits excellent chemical resistance, excellent toughness, and abrasion resistance. With its balanced properties, POKETONE™ is widely used in markets such as automotive, water meter, water purifier, toys, medical devices, pipes, films. It can also be blended with other materials like EVOH for better retort processing, Nylon6 for better toughness and layered between steel plates for lightweighting.

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  • The first of its kind to have been commercialized in the world
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable growth


  • POK Applications-Cars
    POKETONE™ can be used in various applications such as connectors, gears, and fuel system components due to its excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance, oil resistance, and gas blockage.
  • POK Applications-Electrical and electronic
    Electrical and electronic
    Thanks to its excellent impact resistance, flame retardancy and processability, POKETONE™ improves the quality of many electric and electronic products such as the components of connectors, switches, and gears.
  • POK Applications-Industrial materials
    Industrial materials
    POKETONE™'s abrasion resistance is the highest among existing engineering plastics, and it is used for cosmetics components, components that come in contact with food or water, etc. due to its excellent chemical resistance and water resistance.
  • POK Applications-Other
    Equipped with excellent chemical resistance and gas blockage properties, POKETONE™ is used for pipes, tubes and films and delivers excellent performance.

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Product Manager
Global Sales Team Min Kyo Jung (North America)
Product Manager
Global Sales Team Hyo Jin Kim (Europe)
Product Manager
Global Sales Team Jae Ho Jung (Asia)

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