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PP for Film

Hyosung Chemical’s PP for special films performs excellently in the sterilization process of retort thanks to its excellent heat resistance properties. Used for protective films for LCDs and other industrial materials, it is a high quality material boasting excellent appearance and excellent film moldability.


Our PP block co-polymer for special films comes in two product categories, for retort and for optical protective films. The CPP for retort requires heat resistance and durability during the distribution process, and it also must be of exacting quality, such as not affecting the taste of food. Optical protective films protect the surfaces of optical materials used in various displays including LCDs, and they are required to have properties such as process stability and gel-free.


  • Little to no FISH-EYE
  • Falling weight impact resistance of excellent film
  • excellent heat resistance
  • Consistent film-forming properties
  • FDA approved