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Hyosung introduces a freezing and bursting-free polyketone water meter

Hyosung introduces a freezing and bursting-free polyketone water meter 
Polyketone, a new material developed by Hyosung, will be used in water meters.

Since polyketone has only 1/200th of brass’s thermal conductivity, a polyketone water meter is far less likely to freeze and burst than a brass water meter. 

The Waterworks Authority of Seoul purchased 23,000 units of polyketone water meters in September from water meter maker Samsung Measuring Co.

A brass water meter and a polyketone water meter were tested under the same conditions at temperature of 20 degrees below zero. The test results showed that the brass meter burst in 53 minutes, whereas the polyketone meter broke after 130 minutes.

Recently, the regulations have been revised to require water meters to contain 0.85% or less lead, and the safety standards will likely be tightened further amid the growing possibility of cutting the ratio down to 0.25% Since brass meters have constantly caused controversy over the lead content, polyketone meters that are rust-proof and free of heavy metals elution are gaining ground as an alternative.

Furthermore, polyketone made of carbon monoxide (CO) is an environment-friendly, low-carbon material. Carbon monoxide, a major air pollutant, can be reduced by approximately 0.5 tons for every ton of polyketone produced. 

Hyosung Chemical and Samsung Measuring Co. are in talks with the Seoul Metropolitan City Government to sell more polyketone meters, with the goal of replacing 30% of the annual demand of approximately 2.5 million units each year until 2022.

Harrington Place, the apartment brand of Hyosung Heavy Industries, uses polyketone water meters at its apartments. Samsung Measuring, Green Flow, Shindonga Electronics, and Shinhan Mechatronics have supplied the polyketone water meters installed in 12,000 Harrington Place apartment units since 2016. None of the meters installed in Harrington Place apartments have frozen and burst so far. 

Hyosung Chemical is actively seeking to develop global markets by participating in international trade fairs. Hyosung Chemical and Samsung Measuring also took part in IFAT India 2019 -- a trade fair for water, sewer, waste, and recycling technologies held in Mumbai, India from October 15 to 18 -- and VIET Water 2019, a water industry trade fair held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hyosung Chemical and Shindonga Electronics acquired a performance certification for their polyketone water meters in Vietnam and India, and they are working to have the meters certified in Peru and Malaysia. Wizit Energy, a polyketone water meter manufacturer, is also supplying its polyketone water meters for the new city construction project in Bismayah, Iraq.

“Building upon its experience of developing carbon fiber with its original technology, Hyosung will concentrate on creating new materials such as polyketone and make Korea a materials powerhouse,” Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho said.

*About Hyosung : Hyosung Corporation is a South Korean industrial conglomerate, founded in 1966. It operates in various fields including heavy Industrial machinery, advanced materials, chemical industry, and textiles. Its CEO is Hyun-Joon Cho and the headquarter is in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Hyosung has a global network of about 90 sites in the U.S., China, Europe and other parts of the world, with about 30,000 employees. Tire reinforcements, spandex, and seatbelt yarns are No.1 in global market share.


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