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HYOSUNG providing support for programs that help women restart their disrupted career for 8 years


HYOSUNG providing support for programs that help women restart their disrupted career for 8 years 

Representatives of the HYOSUNG Group delivered KRW 70 million in support fund on August 10 for a program run by the Jongno Women Resources Development Center for job-seeking women from less-privileged households, as the Group has done every year since 2013.
The support fund is for the program for training school meal cooks, social welfare workers, and after-school caretakers. So far, 200-plus women have landed jobs with the help of this program.
This year, the center is operating a new three-month program for training geriatric care workers along with after-care caretakers beginning August. Even after the completion of the program, the center’s staff continues to provide support including provision of information on businesses hiring employees until the trainees land jobs.
“Geriatric care workers and after-school caretakers are the types of jobs welcomed in our society, where the areas of welfare are expanding. We sincerely hope that more women succeed in restarting their career through corporate support like ours and accomplish economic self-reliance,” a HYOSUNG official said.
The HYOSUNG Group operates a wide variety of programs designed to help those from less-privileged households land jobs and join the economically active population. It also provides support for artists belonging to the Jamsil Art Studio (catering to artists with disabilities as the only one of its kind) of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and financial support for the improvement of job facilities for those with severe disabilities by operating as a subordinate organization of the Eden Welfare Foundation.

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