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Hyosung announces commitment to ESG management


CEOs of the Hyosung Group announced on April 28 their commitment to ESG management at the 19th CEOs Ethical Management Oath Ceremony held at Finland Tower in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, hosted by the BEST ESG Forum.

At said ceremony, the CEOs of five affiliates—Hyosung Corporation as the holding company, Hyosung TNC, Hyosung Advanced Materials, Hyosung Heavy Industries, and Hyosung Chemical—renewed their resolve to do their best to place priority on the following: ▲putting carbon neutrality into practice; ▲working together for the realization of social values; ▲ working together to spread the ESG culture throughout the industries; and ▲building a better society and a better environment for the future generation.

 ″Ethical management is not a matter of choice, and we all should set it as the basis of corporate management. I′ll lead others in the realization of SDGs through ESG management,″ Hyosung CEO & Vice Chair Kim Kyoo-young vowed.

The Hyosung Group has consistently run programs for the voluntary observance of the rule of fair transactions as part of ethical management. Top managers have renewed their commitment to ethical management at every available opportunity including Ethical Management Oath of the CEOs, declaration of their willingness for voluntary observance of the rule of fair transactions, BIS summit anti-corruption oath, etc. The group has also come up with the code of ethics and guidelines for putting it into practice and held educational sessions for employees concerning ethical management and fair transactions.

The BEST ESG Forum run by the Institute of Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) is a private forum launched in March 2003 to foster an ethical corporate culture in industries and spread ethical management. It holds said oath ceremony every year in an effort to have ESG management established as a solid culture. The accumulated number of those who have attended the ceremony comes to about 1,120 from 420 businesses. This year alone, 140-plus business people and those from social/academic organizations attended the ceremony.

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