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Hyosung delivers solatium to 1st Corps (Gwanggaeto Corps), ROK Army


Hyosung delivers solatium to 1st Corps (Gwanggaeto Corps), ROK Army  

Hyosung personnel paid a visit to 1st Corps (Gwangaeto Corps) of the ROK Army on June 8 and delivered solatium worth 44 million won.

Said solatium will be spent for the troops’ welfare. Back in 2010, Hyosung forged sisterly ties with said corps defending the north of the Seoul area and the western front. Since then, those from Hyosung have paid a visit to said corps every year, delivering solatium and providing a reading café as well as sports items and laundry machines for the troops.

Meanwhile, Hyosung employees engaged in voluntary activities of cleaning the graveyards of the Seoul National Cemetery on May 25 ahead of June as the Memorial Month. This month, Hyosung, along with the Seoul Nambu Branch of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, plans to deliver “Daily Necessities of Love” to the bereaved families of veterans living in poverty.

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