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Hyosung Helps Create Jobs for Those with Disabilities for the 9th Consecutive Year



Hyosung donated KRW 20 million to the Eden Welfare Foundation, a social enterprise in Paju, Gyeonggi-do dedicated to job creation for those with disabilities, to contribute to improving its facilities.
The funds will be used to replace the production equipment as part of the occupational rehabilitation facilities for the disabled members of the Eden Welfare Foundation and to improve the outdated work environment. It is expected to help create jobs for those with disabilities and keep them employed, as well as reduce the risk of safety accidents with the replacement of outdated production facilities.
In addition, Hyosung plans to donate around 1,200 units of old electronic devices to the foundation to support its ComBridge (Computer + Bridge) Project, which aims to collect discarded electronic devices including computers, laptops, printers, and scanners to take apart for recycling and to hire eligible beneficiaries for the jobs created in the process. So far, Hyosung has donated around 8,300 units of electronic devices in disuse.
Hyosung has also donated around KRW 240 million in total to the foundation for 9 years since 2014. A total of 133 people with disabilities currently work at the foundation, making standard plastic garbage bags and advertising materials.
Under the social contribution vision “Sharing for co-prosperity”, Hyosung is making concerted efforts to help those with disabilities live an independent life. As part of this, we have been working together with the Purme Foundation to help children with disabilities in rehabilitation and children with developmental disorders receive dental treatment and care.

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