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Hyosung wins King Sejong Award 2022 from the Korean Intellectual Property Office


Hyosung’s Technology management has added another feather to its cap.

The Group has become the world’s first business to develop an eco-friendly catalyst for polyester production, taking one step closer to the status of the top leader in the world’s eco-friendly textile market.

Hyosung received the King Sejong Award, the top award among awards presented to businesses that have succeeded in the development of high-end technologies, at the Patent Technology Award ceremony held at L Tower, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 3 for the development of antimony-free catalyst, which is eco-friendly polyester catalyst, in 2020. The award was presented to Mr. Kim Cheon-gi, the leader of Hyosung R&DB Labs' Nylon Polyester Polymer Research Team that invented the technology.

The Patent Technology Award is presented each year to the one who contributed remarkably to the development of new technologies as well as the relevant industry. The top award is the King Sejong Award, followed by the Chungmugong Award, Ji Seogyeong Award, Hong Daeyong Award, and Jeong Yagyong Award in consideration of the following factors: △ technological significance, △level of distinction/innovativeness, and △ realistic commercial value, etc. 

The antimony-free catalyst developed by Hyosung is an eco-friendly catalyst that will replace the existing antimony catalyst used in the production of polyester. Antimony is one of the eight leading toxic heavy metals, and domestic businesses have failed to commercialize one that can replace it despite attempts made for years.

Antimony-free catalyst is a catalyst based on tin (Sn), which is not a toxic heavy metal. Hyosung has succeeded in completion of the technological development and production of large quantities of it in 2020, a mere three years after its commencement of the effort.

The use of antimony-free catalyst as a catalyst can reduce the amount of catalyst used to one-tenth and reduce plastic waste occurring in polyester production by more than half. It can also improve the production process and enhance the quality of goods.

Hyosung has set up a plan to use antimony-free catalyst in all polyester productions, and it is taking a step for trial production to cope with major customer businesses’ eco-friendly textile needs proactively and patent registration in the United States, China, Europe, and India. 

The Group also plans to expand the use of said catalyst in polyester-based products produced in major affiliates such as △ film, △ PET bottles, △ textiles used in vehicles, etc., including polyester tire cords where the Group enjoys the No.1 position in terms of market share (45%).

“We’ll listen to VOCs worldwide, get a grasp of changes in customers’ requirements rapidly, and continue to concentrate on ESG management and innovation of eco-friendly technology,” Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-Joon said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim Cheon-gi, the leader of Hyosung R&DB Labs' Nylon Polyester Polymer Research Team attended the celemony and received the King Sejong Award as the lead inventor.

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