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Various stories of activities brought to you by Hyosung Chemical

Hyosung provides “Kimchi of love” for winter to less privileged locals in Mapo-gu, Seoul


On December 1, Hyosung delivered “Kimchi of love” for winter to the Mapo-Gu Office for provision to less privileged locals. 

Each piece of Hyosung’s gift includes some of the kimchi weighing 10 kg to be delivered to a total of 1,500 households. Hyosung has engaged in this year-end love-thy-neighbor activity for the past 16 years.

Hyosung makes it a rule to purchase said kimchi from the Senior Club in Jung-gu, Ulsan, which strives to provide jobs to seniors, as an indirect support for what the club does. 

Every year, Hyosung carries out social contribution activities for locals in Mapo-gu, Seoul including supply of daily necessities and rice. In November, it joined in the fund raising campaign designed to help less privileged locals in Mapo-gu, Seoul spend the winter more comfortably.

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