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Various stories of activities brought to you by Hyosung Chemical

Hyosung provides love-thy-neighbor fund to be spent for less privileged households in Mapo-gu, Seoul


On November 15, Hyosung provided love-thy-neighbor fund amounting to 40 million won to the Mapo-Gu Office to be spent in connection with the office’s program designed to help less privileged people spend the winter more comfortably. 

Hyosung has become the first donor for said program. The Hyosung-provided fund is to be spent for living/medical expenses for those in Mapo-gu, where Hyosung’s HQ is located. Hyosung has engaged in this year-end love-thy-neighbor activity since 2010. 

In addition, Hyosung is set to deliver “Rice of love” to 500 less privileged locals on November 23. Hyosung has provided 20 kg of rice to a total of 1,000 less privileged households twice a year since 2006. 

Hyosung carries out such activities under the slogan “We share in your suffering.” Hyosung Chairman CHO Hyun-Joon has emphasized the importance of carrying out activities of sharing in the suffering experienced by less privileged people. 

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