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Hyosung Vice Chair CHO Hyun-sang meets with other global business leaders after three years’ absence


Hyosung Vice Chair CHO Hyun-sang attended the World Economic Forum session, met with other global business leaders, and vowed to pour efforts into the holding of the 2030 Busan EXPO.

Mr. CHO Hyun-sang attended said session after a three-year absence following the one held in 2020. The 53rd session started with a four-night/five-day schedule on January 16 local time. He plans to discuss ways of mutual collaboration with other global business leaders and carry out activities designed to designate Busan as the site of the next expo during the forum.

Mr. CHO Hyun-sang plans to work for the “Busan Project” using his Young Global Leader (YGL) network at the Night of Korea event held on January 18 and hosted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). He had been a YGL at the Davos Forum held in 2007. He plans to meet with many influential global leaders including ex-YGL members and those from the press, cultural circles, and multinationals to ask for their support for Korea’s bid to host the next expo at Busan.

Moreover, he plans to discuss ways of business cooperation with CEOs of global businesses. He will also look for an opportunity to discuss Hyosung’s prospects as a global business specializing in the relevant materials at the forum where attendees are expected to discuss matters concerning climate change and carbon reduction. 

Mr. CHO Hyun-sang has been attending the Davos Forum since 2006, maintaining close links with the other regular attendees. He was selected as YGL at the forum held in 2007. In 2010, he was listed as the only Korean member of the YGL G20 Initiative. At present, he engages in a variety of activities as a leading next-generation business executive and serves as director of Business at OECD (BIAC). 

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