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Hyosung TNS launches NFT portal service “NFTtown”


Hyosung TNS said on January 17 that it was launching NFTtown, a portal service specializing in NFT. 

At NFTtown, you can see all information including NFT-related news and the status of NFT transactions at a glance. The service provides sections like a gallery (for NFT-related works), a library (for the retrieval of information on NFT producers), and a school (providing NFT-related learning contents) under the premise that users pay visits to “town” for easier access to NFT, which is deemed difficult to deal with. The section NFT Today provides latest news. 

The service is currently provided through Open Beta at but is to be launched formally in February.

Hyosung TNS plans to expand its scope of business based on NFTtown from the existing service centered on ATM to digital asset service including NFT.

Specifically, the Company plans to introduce Web3 wallet service that enables using mobile apps exclusively for NFTtown and engage in digital asset transactions after launching NFTtown formally.

 “We’ll enhance customers’ accessibility to and use of NFT by linking our financial IT operation knowhow to NFTtown. We’ll do what we can to lead others in the invigoration of the NFT market,” Hyosung TNS President SOHN Hyunsik said.

Hyosung TNS is striving to establish business alliance with other services for the invigoration of NFTtown including a partnership arrangement made with businesses specializing in block chain Web3.0 and NFT project teams last December.

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