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Various stories of activities brought to you by Hyosung Chemical

Hyosung Donates Fund to Gwanggaeto Corps of ROK Army


On June 7, Hyosung’s representatives paid a visit to the Gwanggaeto Corps of the ROK 1st Army Corps and delivered 44 million won to be spent for the troops’ welfare.

They also presented some consolation money to be spent on raising the troops’ morale. They expressed their wish that the welfare support fund be spent on building physical exercise facilities for the troops. 

Hyosung has maintained brotherhood ties with said corps, which has been defending the north side of the Greater Seoul Area and the western front since 2010. Those from the Hyosung Group have paid a visit to the military unit each year and provided financial support for the provision of facilities for book reading, physical exercise, laundry, etc.

 “We should never forget those devoted to the protection of people’s safety. I hope that fund provided by us will help raise the morale of our troops on the front line,” Hyosung Chairman CHO Hyun-joon said. 

Hyosung provides programs for provision of support for veterans under the slogan “We will be with you through sharing.”

Last month, for instance, Hyosung employees carried out a voluntary activity for cleaning the Seoul National Cemetery on the occasion of Memorial Month, and the Company provided financial support for improving the residential environment of family members of veterans who rendered distinguished service. The Company also invited veterans and their families to a trip to Paju on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement. This month, the Company plans to deliver ‘daily necessities of love’ to those who rendered distinguished service registered with the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Southern Seoul Regional Office (MPVA). 

In 2021, the Company was given an award by the MPVA for its effort for those who rendered distinguished service including provision of PiBo (robotic companions for the elderly) and AI-powered aid robots. 

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