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Hyosung Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho Says, “We Will Add Technology to Technology”


- The Production Technology Center, which overseas Hyosung’s production technologies in the textile, advanced materials, and chemical sectors, opened today.
- Hyosung aims at ‘technology convergence’ by adding technology to the world’s No.1 technology.

Hyosung has launched its integrated production technology center in an effort to strengthen quality management.

The Production Technology Center is an organization that oversees the technical operations of Hyosung's major processes and facilities in the textile, advanced materials, and chemical sectors. It consists of 26 key technology experts in 4 teams from Hyosung R&DB Labs, Hyosung TNC, Hyosung Advanced Materials, and Hyosung Chemical.

The center aims at technological sophistication by allowing key technology experts of Hyosung R&DB Labs and main plants to cooperate to design new processes and improve the existing production processes. The center plans to expand manpower by securing and fostering basic design experts for processes and major facilities in the future.

Hyosung owns 548 patents related to textiles, 708 patents related to advanced materials, and 1,037 patents related to chemicals at home and abroad and plans to promote synergy among its proprietary technologies.

Chairman Hyun-Joon Cho said, "We will not be complacent with the idea that the world's No.1 product equals the world's No.1 technology and aim to achieve 'technology convergence' by adding technology to technology."

Hyosung has nine world-class products, among which spandex, polyester tire cord, and seat belt yarn have the highest market share in the world.


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