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PP for Compounding

TOPILENE® RTPO is thermoplastic polyolefin(TPO) produced directly in an reactor and has higher impact resistance than general block products. TOPILENE® HCPP is a product that has significantly increased rigidity due to its high crystallinity, which has been attained by increasing stereoregularity.


TOPILENE® RTPO is a product with very high impact resistance due to its rubber content of over 30%.
TOPILENE® HCPP is a product with very high rigidity thanks to increased crystallinity compared to normal block PP.


  • RTPO
    RTPO is mainly used in automotive exterior components such as bumpers and can also be used in the soft sections of automotive interior components.
  • HCPP
    HCPP is mainly used for automobile interior components such as pillars and door trims.